Friday, April 27, 2012

Gojira: The End of Time Limited 7" (White Vinyl) & T-Shirt Package

This 7" was originally available over at Listenable records out of France, but with shipping and even with buying a couple of them to combine shipping, I couldn't get them to under around $15 each. I always go through the dilemma of getting stuff from overseas when the shipping is so expensive. I decided to hold off for a little while and it turns out the Volcom began to carry it!  I do not know what happened, but once Volcom had it on their site, Listenable did not any longer. 

Volcom packaged this 7" in a very interesting way.  It is packed in what looks like a 12" record sleeve, but it is just a 12x12 thin box that houses the 7" along with a limited t shirt.  It is a pretty cool package and I am glad that I can put this up with the rest of the Gojira 12".

The tracks on this 7" were originally released pre-Gojira in 1997 on the Possessed demo


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