Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Acid King: Busse Woods (Transparent green/orange splatter)

This is my 2nd copy of Acid King: Busse Woods. I picked up the first copy from Kreation records a while back and he only had one copy left in black.  When I was placing an order through a distro the other day, I found that they had the splatter version that I had been looking for. Kreation is great with their color presses and this is a perfect example. The splatter coloring matches the cover really well and each side has a very different pattern to it. 

Side A
Side B

What a big difference in pressing. 

The same goes for Acid King" III.  The first copy I bought was on black and then Kreation had the splatter version in their store in Capitol Hill. Again, it matches the coloring of the artwork really well.

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