Sunday, April 24, 2011

A collection from a good friend!

This is a very special post as this collection came from a friend of mine. I have gotten to know a guy who works at the local thrift store and he has seen me in there for a couple of years looking for records. Over time we got to know each other pretty well and I think he is an excellent guy.

Out of the blue the other day I get a call from him telling me that he has something for me that he is keeping at the store. When I call him back he said that he went to his storage unit and pulled out his vinyl from the 60s and 70s and wanted me to have it because he knows how much I will enjoy it!

I am still amazed at how sweet that was and I feel very, very grateful to have these.
All of these will have a special place in my collection.

In total there are about 70 pieces or so and there is some great stuff in there. It is going to take me a couple of months to listen through all of it, but it will get there!

To start there is a collection of 8 Tom Waits records! He was a really big fan of Tom Waits and bought a lot of his earlier stuff.

There is a lot of psych and hard rock in here including Zeppelin, Doors, Cream, Dylan etc.

One that I enjoy in particular is The Chambers Brothers: The Time Has Come.

When I i was a kid my father had this on 8 track tape. He only had a handful and we had one 8 track stereo in the garage so I would listen to this tape over and over. This song used to scare me when I was young! My favorite line is "My soul has been psychadelicized" .. Classic psych here!

I have been listening through this stuff for about a week already and its just so amazing how much good music is in here. It fills in some gaps that I have with classic rock and some stuff that is just great to revisit. The best part is that there are records that I am not familiar with. Since he has such good taste and we are on the same page with most of the stuff in his collection, the stuff that I have not heard is groundbreaking for me!

Tom Waits
*Closing Time
*Blue valentine
*night hawks at the diner
*the heart of saturday night
*hang on st chistopher
*small change
*foreign affairs
*heartattack and vine
Yardbirds - Greatest Hits
Canned Heat - boogie with
Eric Burdon and war - the black man's burdon
Cream - Heavy Cream
Blind Faith - self
The Chambers Brothers - The Time Has Come
Traffic - john barelycorn must die
Leo kottke - self
Jethro tull
*stand up
janis joplin
*cheap thrills
*morrison hotel
led zepplin
*one (orange)
*two (gold award)
*in through the out door (x2 - one with bag)
jeff beck
*blow by blow
*there and back
pink floyd - the wall
jimmy hendricks - are you experienced
bob dylan - blood on the tracks
righteous bros - just once in my life
lovin spoonful - very best of
randy newman - born again
dr. john - gris-gris
treat her right - tied to the tracks
shadowfax - too far to whisper
cowboy junkies - whites off earth now
arlo guthrie - alice's restaurant
midnight express - soundtrack
buffalo springfield - last time around
quicksilver - anthology
dan hicks - and his hot licks
david gilmore - self
edgar winter - roadwork
fleetwood mac - kiln house
richie havens - common ground
robin trower
*victims of the fury
*city dreams

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