Monday, February 8, 2010

A few good finds from Singles Going Steady

Every once in a while I score here. This time, I was parked in a 3 minute load zone and thought I would just run in for a minute. It seems that these are the times where there is a lot of stuff to look through.

I was browsing, all the while poking my head out of the front door to make sure there were no meter maids or tow trucks.

The stress was well worth it. I got 3 good pieces and they are good pressings as well.

First H2O: Go on green vinyl. This is on MCA from 2001.

Next is Have Heart: Songs to Scream at the Sun on blue vinyl.

This was released on Bridge 9 records in 2008 Limited to: 1395

Last, is Guns Up! : Outlive. I have been looking for this at a reasonable price for a while now. This was released on 1917 records in 2006 and I scored the 2nd press on transparent maroon out of 500.

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