Monday, February 8, 2010

25 ta Life and 2 Meltdown 7" from eBay

I am a fan of old school 25 ta Life. Take it or leave it, Rick has been a consistent influence in the scene since the early 90s. He may not be the best vocalist and may be crazy as a bag of nuts.. but, I respect his positive influence in the scene.

Here is a copy of 25 ta Life: Short Fuse/ Burned by the Flames and Can't Believe/ Inside Knowledge. This comes with a lyric and photo insert and a little distro sheet selling another 7". A great addition to the 25 ta life pieces I have..
"Striving for Togetherness"

I also picked up 2 from Meltdown. These are Demolition on pink and green vinyl and a tour release with Cashing In/Bad Blood and Thin Ice/ Your Destruction on yellow vinyl.

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