Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Craigslist Lot!

So, I found a guy on CL who had a huge lot of records that he bought from a storage unit that was being foreclosed on. He has a ton of metal/punk/hardcore and all other assorted genres.

The prices were fair for some stuff and a bit high on some others, so I picked up some pieces and left some good ones there, knowing I can get them at a better price in the future!

Following with the Band Brains trend.. I got 2 more copies of Pay to Cum.

These are from 1990 on Caroline Records. I got one copy on green and another on yellow!
I really like these.

Next, I got a copy of a Dwarves 7" from 1990 on Sub Pop.

This has Drug Store/Detention Girl and Astro Boy/Motherfucker.

I love the cover on this 7"

Next, is Poison Idea - Darby Crash Rides Again! on American Leather Records 1989

Here is a classic 7" from Flipper - Sex Bomb/Brainwash on red vinyl. This is from 1981 on Subterranean records. Comes with what looks like a homemade fish skeleton sticker.

On to the 12" records.

This here is a very, very interesting record. It is called Experiments in Destiny and it is a 2 record set on BOMP! records from 1980. This is a compilation with tons of bands on it including the bands below.

a1 Stiv Bators - A Million Miles Away 4:26
a2 Real Kids, The - Now You Know 3:54
a3 Dadistics, The - Modern Girls 3:10
a4 Blake Xolton & The Martians - Merry Christmas 2:44
a5 Jimmy Lewis & The Checkers - Think 3:02
a6 Nuns, The - Wild 2:00
a7 Gary Charlson - Burnin' In You

b1 Rodney & The Brunettes - Little G.T.O 2:37
b2 "B" Girls, The - Fun At The Beach 1:54
b3 MnM's, The - I'm Tired 1:50
b4 Paul Collins - Walking Out On Love 1:33
b5 Nikki & The Corvettes - Just What I Need 2:45
b6 Kathy & The Lawnmowers - Green Children 2:23
b7 Prof. Anonymous - Somebody Touched Me 2:54
C1 Sonics, The - Up To The Junction 3:48
C2 Weirdos, The - Jungle Rock 3:13
C3 Zantees, The - Cruisin' 2:30
C4 Jon & The Nightriders - Super Jet Rumble 2:28
C5 Lipstick Killers, The - Hindu Gods (Of Love) 3:19
C6 Hypstrz, The - In The Midnight Hour 1:49
C7 Last, The - She Don't Know Why I'm Here 3:19
C8 Dead Boys, The - 3rd Generation Nation 2:33
D1 Crawdaddys, The - There She Goes Again 3:01
D2 Martians, The - Baby Hold On 3:22
D3 Pete Holly & The Looks - Look Out Below 1:58
D4 Wombats , The (2) - Utter Frustration 3:23
D5 Rainbow Red Oxidizer - When You Walk In The Room 2:20
D6 Cheek - Do You Have A Soul? 3:39
D7 Romantics, The - Running Away 2:59

This has been sealed since 1980 and is excellent looking!!

Here is a 1980 pressing of Holiday in Cambodia from the Dead Kennedys.

Another pressing of Minor Threat - Minor Threat.

I have a copy with the green cover and just could not pass up another.

Black Sabbath - Born Again on Warner Bros 1983

Destruction - Release from Agony on Profile records 1988

Lastly, this is a record that I have never seen before and have not been able to find much information about. It is called Total Destruction. It was pressed in 1984 on Metal Blade Records.

Bitch, Slayer, Obsession, Savage Grace, Pandemonium, Warlord, Trouble, Witchkiller and Demon Flight.
The Bitch and Slayer songs are different mixes than the album versions.

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