Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finally Caught up!! Now I can open my eBaY finds

I figured the only way that I would keep this blog updated is if I keep the eBaY purchases sealed until I have any backlogged records written up.

Now that I am caught up, I can dig into the first of 9 packages that are waiting for me from eBaY and the local record shops.

So, I purchased a record from a guy on eBaY and when I was checking out I saw that he had some records that were pretty cheap. So, I decided to take a risk and get Lost in Aggression: Self Titled from 1985 on Mutha Records. Now, this record does not sound very good, but it does have some clever packaging. It comes with 2 tickets to see them at the Stone Pony in NJ, 3 newspaper clippings, 2 flyers and a hand written set list.

Next is Good Clean Fun: Live in Springfield on Phyte Records 2000. This comes along with an insert and 3D glasses for the cover!

This band, I have no idea about.. Screw 32: Under the Influence of Bad People 1997 Fat Wreck Chords

Another one that I am not sure of.. Pagan Babies: Next on Roadrunner/Hawker Records 1988

Now, the record that I was looking for originally! Mucky Pup: A Boy in a Mans World! on Torrid Records 1989 .. This record is pretty funny and an absolute must hear. I remember listening to this over and over as a kid.

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