Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Trip to Portland

My first time in Portland!! What a great reason to check out all of the local record shops! I managed to get at least one record from each store.

Let's start at 2nd Ave Records.

I liked this place a lot. It has a good selection of hardcore and metal and was reasonably priced. One that that I thought was funny is that the It was a bit misleading as the placeholders for the vinyl all had bands that I was looking for, but they were all empty. Names such as Biohazard, Merauder and Cold World, all records I was looking for. I got all excited and they were just empty!

However, I did get a few pieces. I got Only Crime: Virulence on Fat Wreck Chords from 2007. I had seen this around a bunch, but never heard it. It was cheap, so I gave it a shot.... all in all, I like it.

Next, I got Strife: In This Defiance on Victory from 1997. Again, it was cheap and a piece that I am missing.

Also, a live Agnostic Front picture 10"

Last, I picked up Terror: Always the Hard Way. I love this record and have finally added it to the other Terror that I have. Nice gatefold with some amazing art.

Ok, Next record shop is Jackpot!

This is a cool, little store. Reminds me of Easy Street here in Seattle.

The vinyl selection was pretty good overall and I was surprised at the variety of records that I found and chose to pick up. This is definitely a strange set of pieces.

First is the black metal band Nachmystium: Eulogy IV on Kreation Records

Next is Immortal: At the Heart of Winter. #1436 of 1500 on Osmose Productions.

To make this find a bit more bizarre I got a 1988 pressing of Candlemass: Nightfall on Metal Blade! A classic power metalesque record.

Finish off this strange set with The Casualties: Die Hards..

So, some punk, power metal and black metal.... go figure..

Next stop is Crossroads Music

This place was crazy.. there were Metal and Punk records in a bunch of different spots. I dug around for a while and came out with a couple of pieces.

First is Melt-Banana: Cactuses Come in Flocks..

I like these guys a lot and I think they are very unique.. but man.. this record is very hard to listen to..

Next is Leftover Crack: Fuck World Trade on Alternative Tentacles

Ok.. only 2 more stores to go!!

Music Millennium.. this place was rad. I kept finding things that I wanted and they were reasonably priced! I thought my girlfriend was going to kill me I spent so much time there.

Let's start with a couple of NYHC albums.
Sick of it All: Death to Tyrants!
Great record from a fantastic band.
Indecision: To Live and Die in New York City
I love this record and I do have a copy, but I could not let it sit there, cheap and un taken.

Next, is a very strange LP. This is Fall of the Bastards: Where Dead Hang from Trees
Limited tour edition on red vinyl out of only 150

Laibach: Life is Life
- promo from the early 80s

Rancid: Self Titled
from 2000 on Epitaph

Phobia: Grind your Fucking Head In
on Deep Six Records

I also grabbed on random from the $1 bin... Spitboy: True Self Revealed.. hmm

Last stop is Green Noise records.

Now, this was my kind of spot. I actually turned down a few records because I had spent some cash over the couple of days already. But, I did get 4 pretty cool pieces.

First, I got 2 Dropkick Murphys records The Gang's All Here and Do or Die

Next, is Ludichrist:Immaculate Deception. I passed on a copy of this a while back and have thought about it since. These guys were always around when I was growing up and I really enjoy this record.

Last but not least!! Is a new copy of Isis: The Red Sea on tri-color vinyl.. Yet another beautiful release from these guys.. They never cease to amaze me.

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