Friday, January 20, 2012

Collection of Glenn Danzig Related Records (Danzig, Samhain and Misfits)

This is the first posting of a ton of records that I picked up during my last trip to Long Island.  Doug is an old buddy of mine and I have been picking up records from him for a while and finally we worked out a deal and I bought the remainder of his collection.  The next dozen posts or so will all be from that collection.
Some of the records that I purchased from Doug in the past are Judge, Bulldoze, Youth of Today, Cleanser, a couple from Neglect, Slayer: Divine Intervention, Mind Over Matter, Arkham and One4One.

I've decided to consolidate all of the Glenn Danzig related records here and what better to start with than The Misfits?

Here are some of the most classic Misfits singles from back in the day. 
All but Cough/Cool are Plan9 bootleg pressings without any type on the labels.

4 Original Misfits LPs including Live Night of the Living Dead on MAD001, limited to 1500, Earth A.D, Evilive and Walk Among Us

Here are original Def Jam presses of Danzig: Dirty Black Summer and Danzig.

Sorry, I had to add it!

This is an underground Danzig release on "Def Jim records", Fresh Flesh,  Live at The Ritz from 1989 and limited to 750 copies.

Finally, to round off this partial Glenn Danzig collection, some Samhain records
Unholy Passion, November Coming Fire and Initium

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