Friday, January 27, 2012

Metallica: Enter Sandman pic 7"/Whiplash 12"/Interview pic disc and a few classics

Some really interesting Metallica records were part of this collection. The first one of note is Enter Sandman 7".  It is a pic disc with really light printing that compliments the original cover of the Black album and this sleeve as well.  This is a UK import from 1991 and autographed by Lars and Kirk. 

Next is an original Elektra 7" of Eye of the Beholder from 1988

Flip side is their rendition of Breadfan

Also in the lot is an original Whiplash 12" on Megaforce, original Kill Em All on Megaforce, Creeping Death on Music for Nation, Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning and the last one is a pic disc of a Chris Tetley Interview from back in 1987.

I can't believe how fast this grew.  The collection is going to need some thinning sooner or later!

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