Saturday, November 5, 2011

Immolation: Close to a World Below and Failures for Gods!

These are some of the more sought after Immolation records and they were recently repressed by Cyclone Empire in Germany and limited to 500.  Needless to say, they disappeared very quickly.  I originally ordered them from Nuclear Blast and paid through Paypal with some other records and about 3 weeks later, the money just got returned to my account.  No explanation and no response to my email.  I went to repurchase them and they were both sold out.  So, I found their US distro and ordered them through there and again, 2 weeks later, my payment was left "unclaimed".  Finally, I got in touch with the US distro and they said that there was no history of the order but they had them in stock still.  So, once again I placed an order for them and contacted them right after to confirm they received it and that it would ship.  Yes and yes!  I will get it in a week.  So, 3 weeks later, I email him again and .. sorry, sorry..  2 more weeks.. sorry.   Finally... after a couple of months +, they actually showed up! They were sent express mail and they were sold out on the site.  I am curious if they forgot again and had to dig up a couple of copies from the back room somewhere.

Here they are in all their glory. 

Immolation: Failures for Gods

 Immolation: Close to a World Below

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