Sunday, October 2, 2011

Morbid Angel: Covenant (Limited Candle Wax Repress)

In my opinion, this is one of the best death metal releases in history. I have been looking to pick this up for a long time and when I was in Wacken last year, I had a copy in my hand and it was about 1/4 of my budget and I decided against it. Thought the last year I have looked for a copy and have never been able to find one even close to as cheap or in as good of condition as the one I found in Wacken.

So, a couple of months ago Earache re-released this on vinyl and it was around $25. New, gatefold cover and inside art etc. They also released a very short run of candle wax colored vinyl which I very luckily got on eBay for way cheaper than I would have expected. This ends up being the same price that I was going to spend at Wacken last year and got the best press possible!

Candle Wax - 100 Copies - SOLD OUT
Sanguine Red - 200 Copies - SOLD OUT
Diseased Green - 300 Copies
Black - 900 Copies

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