Sunday, October 16, 2011

Converge/Dropdead:Split 7" 20th Anniversary on Green Marble

20 years of Converge?!  Amazing, if you ask me.  It really is crazy to think that Jane Doe was released in over 10 years ago.  It still seems as fresh and relevant today.

So, this here is a self released 7" that had 2 separate distros, each with a different color.  Also, there was a tour version which was another color still and that color had many, many variations.  This is the type of pressing where you can buy 15 or 20 copies and they will still be varied.  

My copy is on marbled green vinyl and suits me just fine!

The track from Converge is Runaway and is exactly what you would expect from these guys.. straight forward, semi-melodic and completely saturated.

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