Wednesday, December 8, 2010

100 Demons: S/T and Starkweather: Into the Wire

From the same seller as the Creepy Crawl record, I picked up 100 Demons: S/T and Starkweather: Into the Wire.

The 100 Demons is pretty intense and I like it quite a bit. I did not know it was produced by Zeus and sounds amazing..

The Starkweather on the other hand... is just not that good. Maybe it's one of those records I have to give a few more listens, but it just did not really appeal to me.

A good friend of mine is a Starkweather fan, so I thought I would pick it up... but maybe its better suited for his collection!

wait....The one review on Amazon makes me really feel like I missed the point of the record. Sorry Jeff! I think this will remain in my collection for a while longer.

from Amazon.. "Ok, here is the deal with this album. Starkweather is a band that you have to understand to like. When that happens, you will be obsessed with them. It's just that simple. With such powerful vocals (very hard to understand at times...but the lyrics can bring tears to eyes), and such a melodic and painful background of musical abilities...this is a MUST have. If you like "Emo" or just plain beauty...this is for you. I can't explain just have to HEAR it! "

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