Sunday, May 18, 2014

4 Refused Represses! Rather Be Dead E.P./Everlasting/New Noise Theology E.P. & This Just Might Be.....The Truth

Finally, after a couple of years of searching, I have been able to get a copy of This Just Might Be..... the truth.  Original copies always ended way out my range and it clocks in around 31' or so... just never seemed worth $70 -$100.  So, recently Epitaph repressed this album along with The New Noise Theology and Rather Be Dead. Each is printed on color wax (albeit kinda lame colored wax) and simple sleeves.


Everlasting was repressed a few months earlier and this got a much better treatment.  This is on heaver vinyl with an awesome color pattern.  Also, this came with a Refused back patch, which I framed in my house.

Pump the Brakes has always been one of my favorite Refused songs. 

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