Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Decapitated: Organic Hallucinosis (Black Vinyl)

There was a temporary deal on one of the distro sites I visit for 45% off of a select list of vinyl.  I was able to score 5 records, all pretty cheap and this was one of them.  The Polish Death Metal masters; Decapitated. 2006 release on Earache and the last record to have Vitek and Martin before they died in the bus accident.


  1. hey man, you abandoned this blog? that'd be a shame!

  2. Hey! I did abandoned this blog. I moved and wasn't getting vinyl as much and it was slipping. I am reorganizing and am thinking about posting some updates. Thanks for checking in. Looks like you are rolling strong. Hit me up with some new hardcore recommendations. And let me know if you have dups you are interested to trade.

  3. hey lenny, check the following: / / / / /
    tell me what you think and if you're interested, i can help you out with vinyl copies of these for a trade.

  4. Awesome.. I will start checking these out tomorrow. I am clearing out some of my non metal records and am going to start clearing out metal dups and reorganizing. Once I get started, I will update this blog with a bunch of stuff. If you are looking for anything in particular, let me know and I can see if I have any dups.

  5. I just listened through these and Iron Heel is amazing! Thanks for sharing. I just purchased the download to listen through the whole album.

    1. nice! ;-)
      looking forward to your blog update!