Friday, September 23, 2011

Wu Tang Clan Collection! Bobby Digital (Rza), Method Man, Redman, Ghostface

Slowly but surely, I have been working on the first and 2nd generation Wu Tang Records. From a couple of auctions, I was able to score a good 6 key pieces to this collection!

I picked up more than 6 in total, but these are the best of them

Rza as Bobby Digital
Ghostface Killah: Supreme Clientele
Method Man: Tical 2000: Judgment Day
Method Man and Redman: Blackout!
Chef Raekwon: Immobilarity
Cappadonna: The Pillage

This made a pretty big dent in the wish list!
If only I could find Gravediggaz: 6 Feet Deep for under $60!

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  1. Gotta love the Wu. I've got an original pressed Liquid Swords that is the pride of my collection.