Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Diversion! A handful of Jazz Records

I am a big fan of Jazz and I am sure that in the future I will be collecting my favorites, but for now I tend to pick it up when I find it cheap. I was putting these in the shelf and thought to take a quick photo.

The top 3 I got from the thrift store and are just good overall Jazz records. The Jack Costanzo is actually from Hot Topic clearance and is some amazing Cuban Jazz. From that same order I got the John Coltrane live record.

Lastly is a record that I have sought out and is one of my favorite Jazz records of all time, Ornette Coleman: The Shape of Jazz to Come. If you get me started talking about this, it will be quite some time before I stop. If you have not heard it, I would suggest checking it out on Youtube or Grooveshark. Just amazing!

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