Saturday, November 15, 2014

Warzone: Lower East Side Crew E.P. - Original REV:1 Pressing w Blue Labels & Insert THE HOLY GRAIL!

One of the most amazing finds, to date!  I met someone from West Seattle and after a bit, we got started talking about vinyl and apparently she had a decent collection that was from the late 80s and into the 90s.  She had a connection to the old school NYHC and Metal scenes.  Once I had a chance to actually dig through her stuff, I was absolutely floored.  There was only a couple of hundred pieces, in total, but a ton of original pressings of some of the most important punk rock and hardcore records and the collection had not been updated since 1997 or so.  She was interested in a handful of records that I had and we worked out a trade where I have been able to acquire some pieces that I questioned if I would ever own. 

This copy of Lower East Side Crew is amazing!  Plain black and white printed sleeve, blue labels on both sides, no numbers on the back label and the original insert and even the original plastic baggie it came in.  

If you look at the insert, Raybeez name is spelled Raybies. 

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  1. Ha! Holy grail!! I think Mental Abuse "Streets of Filth" lp is more of the Grail as for east coast shit.
    True story about Ray, he use to room at my boy's Fuel AOK house in SoHo. He had a huge collection of rubber ducks!! I thought that was odd then and now
    Enjoy your vinyl , nice Blog you have