Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gaytheist: Hold Me..But Not So Tight on Pink/White Splatter and Stealth Beats on Black Vinyl

Gaytheist opened for Big Business at the Croc last year and were very notable. The singer plays guitar as well and was dressed in slacks, with suspenders and a bow tie.  He came across as a very odd nerd/school teacher/perv.. super odd, but not unexpected for a Portland band.  They played some good, hilarious metal.

I picked up Hold Me.. But Not So Tight from them, at the Croc.  It is a pretty sarcastic and funny presentation.  The cover is what looks like 2 iguanas making out...or something. The back has a sweet drawing of a battleship names USS Get In Here, which has a bunch of cocks firing into the sky. If that's not enough.. they printed this on white vinyl with pink splatter.  I think it's an interesting color combination and fits their personality pretty well. 

Just the other day I found a copy of their other release, Stealth Beats at Silver Platters.  Presentation on this one is not as cool as Hold Me... but it still conveys their humor.  Inside, on the sleeve there is a Gaytheist condom self-fitting tool.  

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