Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Life of Agony: River Runs Red - November Record Store Day Pressing on Transparent Red Swirl

One of my all time favorite Hardcore records was repressed on Brookvale records, out of Long Island.  Every year I go back to Long Island for Thanksgiving and we go shopping on Black Friday.  The guys who run Brookvale Records also owns Looney Tunes which is an independent record store which has become a staple in New York. I do all my Black Friday RSD shopping there and it so happens that they were releasing River Runs Red there, on Black Friday.  They've gotten in this habit or re-releasing classic local albums on limited vinyl. 

This was pressed in 3 variations, one is limited to 500 on splatter red/black and can only be purchased from them. Another was a press of 500 on blue for European distribution and then 1500 on solid red for general distribution.  I picked up 2 copies of the red/black swirl. What's strange is when talking to the owner, he mentioned a couple of times that it was the first pressing on vinyl.  However, I do have a Roadrunner/Cargo pressing of this, on black. 

This record will always be a classic in the New York Hardcore crossover scene.

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  1. what the fuck? i didn't know there was a coloured version of this record! it's one of my favourites too. need to get a coloured copy as well!