Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Music and Goods Exchange - Camden, London Immortal/Behemoth/Stigmata/Textures

In Camden I found the Music and Goods Exchange

I scored a good collection of records here... they are a bit varied in style.

First is Immortal: Sons of Northern Darkness on Back on Black Records on dual blue vinyl.

Next is Behemoth: Apostasy. This was new and on pretty cool looking transparent gray vinyl.

A great find here... Textures: Silhouettes on Listenable Records. If you have not listened to these guys, they are definitely worth a shot. Great prog metal.

Last is a very interesting record. This is Stigmata: Do Unto Others on Final Beatdown Records.

This old school hardcore label put out some old E Town Concrete and they took a gamble on some lesser know hardcore bands in the 90s.

Not the best hardcore from the era, but its rather well done and definitely indicative of the scene at the time.

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