Monday, August 30, 2010

Converge: Jane Doe Repress (2 copies) & Axe to Fall

I ordered the repress of Converge: Jane Doe about 3 months ago on pre-order from Deathwish.

I just got back into town and the box was here waiting for me! They only printed 500 of these in each color, so I ordered 2 and hoped to get 2 different colors.

The original copies of this record are very hard to find and sell for a ton of money. Apparently, the represses sold out in pre-order. So, I got pretty lucky.

The packaging is very nice and the artwork is consistent on all panels. Inside is a thick booklet with lyrics and more artwork. All in all it is extremely impressive. I got a copy in white and one in red.

I had forgotten that when I ordered Jane Doe, I also purchased a copy of Axe to Fall.
This one is printed on Highlighter yellow!

Again, the artwork is amazing and together these look fantastic.

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