Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great records from Zions Gate/Kreation!! Earth/Acid King

Zion's Gate is a great store with a huge selection of vinyl. I always seem to be disappointed in the prices and get discouraged. However, Zion's Gate is home to Kreation records, who prints some great titles that I have been looking for. So, I ended up filling in some gaps here.

First, is Acid King: III. I purchased this on black vinyl a while back and have seen a few other pressings and just never got my hand on one.

So, I asked if they had any others colors in stock and he said they had one more of the last set of "clear", which was only 100 copies.

The price was fair and not until I got it home did I realize how nice this record is. I would say this is one of the best looking records that I own.

I also scored a copy of Acid King: Busse Woods on Kreation Records as well.

This is another great record from these guys that is a must have.

I have been collecting Earth records for a while now and locally, I have been having trouble finding a couple of them, which both were at Zion's Gate.

I finally got a copy of Hibernaculum on Southern Lord records.

This is an amazing release from Earth, it is way more mellow and chill than most of their other material.

I also bought a copy of Earth: Phase 3 Thrones and Dominions

This is on Sub Pop and for some reason I was not able to find it in the local record stores.

Finally, I was able to get a copy and one step closer to finishing up the Earth releases.

Lastly, I found a limited copy of Despised Icon: Ills of Modern Man.

This is on marbled green vinyl and released on Century Media/Deep Send in 2007.

Embossed gold foil and hand numbered out of 512 copies!

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